CEO Greeting

Thank You For Visiting KUMHO

Kumho Fishing Tackle Co., was established in 1979 by Mr. Kim Hwakyu. He was engineer so that he focuses technological advances to product on high quality hook only.

Now with over 50 crews belong to Kumhoand they lead Korea’s fishing hook industry.

Quality control is the heart at the operation with every attention is given to it with physically and chemically in ‘Q’mark and ‘ISO 9001’ regulation. From Kumho Fishing Tackle Co.,plant,Literally tens of thousand different Items, such as fresh water, salt waterworm hook, jig hook, fly hook And stainless steel hooks as well as sports fishing hook.

We’ve exported to more than 40 countries, Asia, America, Europe, Africa All around world.

Moreover trying to confidence service with customer’s attention.

CEO Kim Hwakyu