• 2016. 12All automatic process for commercial-2st.
  • 2015. 12All automatic process for commercial-1st.
  • 2012. 07Winner of success story contest for advantage of FTA.
  • 2011. 11Founded Kumho Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
  • 2011. 01Designated Excellent Manufacturer by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism(MCST)
  • 2010. Joined member and exhibited the ASA / EFTTA / CHINA FISH / Hunting & Fishing in Russia
  • 2008. 07Develop and install the complete automated commercial hook manufacturing machine at factory 2
  • 2008. 05Commence the automated fishing hook manufacturing machine at factory 3
  • 2006. 02Develop and install the newest automated fishing hook manufacturing machine
  • 2006. 01Confirm to High Technology Company by Korea Government
  • 2005. 11ISO 9001’ certification Confirm
  • 2004. 02Participated in international Fishing Show held in Beijing, China
  • 2003. 07Participated in ‘ICAST’ Exop in the U.S.
  • 2001. 05Named as Promising Exporter by Small & Medium-size Business Administration
  • 2001. 05Participated in Trade Mission to Africa led by South Gyeongsang Province
  • 2001. 04Equipped with facilities to manufacture the newest cutting-type fishing hook
  • 2001. 03Participated in Trade Mission to Latin America led by South Gyeongsang Province
  • 2000. 11Registered and released its trade mark in China
  • 2000. 11Participated in Trade Mission to the Diddle east and Africa led b South Gyeong Sang Province
  • 2000. 06Participated in Trade Mission to China led by governor of South Gyeong Sang Province
  • 2000. 04Designated as domestic small & medium-size business entitled to support on export in South GyeongSang Province
  • 2000. 02Participated in Trace Mission to Southeast Asia led by mayor of Gim-hae City
  • 1999. 12Named as Venture Business holding patented technology.
  • 1999. 06Expanded the newest thermal treatment facilities at GIM-HAE plant.
  • 1998. 12Transferred the main office and plant to Gih-hae
  • 1997. 06Acquired the quality assurance of “Q” mark for the first time in the fishing hook manufacturing industry
  • 1996. 06Established a subcontracted factory in Vietnam
  • 1995. 02Started to export to the U.S.
  • 1994. 02Started to export to New Zealand and South America
  • 1993. 12Developed the first fishing hook brand ‘Charm Hook’ in Korea
  • 1992. 06Developed technology to grind the tip of fishing hooks.
  • 1988. 10Expanded thermal treatment facilities, Stared to export to Europe.
  • 1985. 02Automated all manufacturing processes. Started to export to Japan and Southeast Asia.
  • 1979. 06Founded Kumho Fishing Tackle Co. in Busan, Korea.